Vinegar in their water - are they still drinking enough?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by leight54, Jan 20, 2012.

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    I give my chickens fresh water every day, and they usually start drinking even as I'm pouring. But since I started adding vinegar (Bragg's organic) to their water, they don't seem as interested. I'm not sure they're drinking enough, now. How concerned should I be? Is there another way to get them to take the vinegar? I thought of soaking some cooked rice, which is one of their favorite treats, in it.

    I started the vinegar supplement because one of my hens has loose stools, (a "loose caboose" as my mother used to say [​IMG] ) plus I know it's just generally good for them.

    Any thoughts?
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    How much vinegar are you putting in the water? If it gives the water a funny taste, they won't be as likely to drink it. Also, are you using Apple Cider Vinegar or WHite Vinegar? I have heard of many people using cider vinegar (I use it to keep the water from getting algae), but white vinegar is less common.
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    I use the organic apple cider vinegar, and I put about a tablespoon to about a half-gallon of water. (I'm not big on measuring things, heh)
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    I am big on measuring things and I use a tablespoon in 1 gal. My chickens, which is including 6 chicks drink that amount in about 4 days. On rainy days they do fine water puddles they like to drink from, but every 5th day I put out fresh water and vinegar.

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