vinyl linoleum on floor - will pieces work?

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    Apr 21, 2011
    Zeeland, Michigan
    This is my first post [​IMG] but I've been reading for a while and trying to absorb everything. You guys are an awesome source of info. It's like having an encyclopedia of info available from experts! We are so grateful to all of you![​IMG] We are building our coop - almost done! YEAH! [​IMG] Now to finishing.
    I know most of you put vinyl down before building walls but we haven't been able to find any reasonably priced. Cheapest so far in remnants has been almost $90.00.[​IMG] And yes we have tried Lowes, Mennards, Restore - 2 of them and local carpet laying places. Our coop floor is 6X10. I have found a place where I can get smaller sized remnants. The guy said if its under 4' he's allowed to give it for free. So my question is - can I piece together the flooring (should look "interesting"[​IMG] - luckily the floor will be covered with shavings!) and would we need to overlap or use silicone caulk if laid next to each other? Has anyone else tried this? The floor is plywood with many coats of porch and floor enamel on it right now. Just wanting to know if it would hold up or not over time. Thanks so much for your help.[​IMG]
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    I don't see why not.

    Get some carpet tape to join the 2 pieces together from the'll give you a firm seam. Then use a thin bead of silicone caulk to seal it from the top, wiping off any excess. You don't want the silicone to be "visible" to the chickens.
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    Mar 8, 2011
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    Yeah you can use it, but I recommend caulking all the seams together really well or you will end up with a bunch of pieces starting to pull up from bedding and poo being shoved under it. Not too mention when the chickens get to scratching around in the coop. It should work just make sure to glue it down very well and maybe add some staples oaround the edges just for extra assurance.
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    May 24, 2010
    WE had put linolium as a full sheet in our coop and the chickens have shredded it. We are going to lay tile this time. We did glue it down. It lasted for a year and was easy to clean, but did not last.
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    Quote:First... [​IMG] & [​IMG] , from your user name I assume you are from MI? If so, check out the link in my siggy for the annual Michigan Chickenstock that is going to be held this Saturday. We would love to see you there. Also join in on the Michigan chat thread here

    , as far as the floor, if as you say it has many coats of paint on it, then I would leave it like that. Speckledhen just did a nice coop and did not use the linoleum because if I remember right she said that it ended up just ripping and gouging when cleaning. Here is the link to her thread
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    I would advise against it unless you're able to really glue it down perfectly and the glue holds up under temp changes and seasonal expanding & contracting. I tried to use the 12"x12" squares in my layer boxes and it didn't work at all. I think you'd be better off with some painted or stained wood for the flooring. I had extra composite wood from building my deck and used it, but it's very expensive and wouldn't buy it unless you wanted to drop the big bucks on your coop. However, you can buy the regular wood deck flooring for like $3 for a 12 foot long board. But that is only if you want to change what you already have, which sounds like you'll be just fine with what you got and better off than putting anything down over it.

    Here are some pics of my easy cleaning hinged dropping floor design.
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    Apr 21, 2011
    Zeeland, Michigan
    Thanks for all the good ideas! The pieces we are able to get are almost 4' wide by anywhere from 6' on up in length. So it would probably only need 3 pieces. The staples are a good idea in addition to the carpet tape. Never thought of either of them. I love the drop out floor - will have to consider that one for the next coop - which we are already talking about! We have 12 chickens right now. 3 BR, 3 BO, 3 RIR and 3 GLW. Hillbilly Hen - Michigan Chickenstock sounds awesome - I even have a rare Saturday off so I think my DH and I will try to come. We are from the west side of the state between Holland and Grand Rapids. I am so excited to think of actually meeting some on you that I have read many posts from![​IMG] Plus, maybe we can maybe even get a couple more chickens as I have room for 3 more in the coop. LOL. I know - chicken math [​IMG] [​IMG] Chickens are addicting! Also, I found the post from Speckled Hen most helpful as it also gave us ideas for our run. DH is outside painting the people door - only a little more to go. Can hardly wait to get the little ones (actually not so little!) in the coop! We started in the bathroom, then to a very large box over plastic in the playroom, now in a very large deck box outside at night and in a temporary run covered with tarp during the day. That's a lot of moving chickens around - but at least they are really getting tame.[​IMG]
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    Mar 24, 2011
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    [​IMG] You are soooo lucky to get to a chickenstock! awesome! Maybe when we move to Ocala we will at lease get to a swap or 2 [​IMG]
    I think your 3 peices stapled and caulked will work fine

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