Virgin hatcher here, I need some reassuring words

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  1. Okay... here it is in a nut she'll

    Started with 42 eggs
    4 weren't fertile
    2 passed early on ( about day 3/4)
    2 passed later on ( about day 12/13)
    6 welsummers eggs weren't fertile but didn't learn that until I went to lockdown ( yay for water candling)

    So, everyone else had movement and appeared "healthy" so we locked down.

    Temp is at 100 , and humidity is hovering at about 70...

    Are we gonna be okay?

    I'm worried the humidity is too high, I didn't mark the air sacks but did pay attention to their growth and they did grow.. and appear to be the right size based on the bagillions of illustrations I looked at online. Lol. Idk how I could lower the humidity or just give it a day to work out and watch it from there....
  2. Oh hatch date is Sunday.. so we are technically in day 19 as of 8pm tonight.
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    Take a deep breath. those numbers all look good for lockdown. I actually strive for 75% humidity at lockdown, so 70% is fine in my opinion.

    I have two questions purely out of curiosity. What kind of incubator are you using (still or forced air), and what humidity range did you have during the first 17 days?
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    I also prefer a high humidity.

  5. Forced air..

    And my humidity was on the higher end of 40-50% never lower than 40 for a few hours if ever.. and generally about 50/55 ish though.

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