Virginia chick


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9 Years
Oct 16, 2010
Virginia Coast
Hi there,

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I live on the cost of Virginia and have a small flock of hens of mixed breeds - some bought as adults, some self-hatched (had a broody hen who just went ahead and did her thing), and some bought as babies. Have mostly good and a few bad experiences (lost a few birds over the years, and tried to use an incubator with 0 result), but am currently planning on expanding with some pullets to get more eggs for us and for the health food store I opened last fall. Just got a 5 month old white rock pullet who seems to be blending into the little group fairly well, she seems quite sure of herself!

If you live in Eastern VA and have some pullets for sale, please let me know!

Welcome to BYC from Northern Virginia! I live in Northern Virginia and would be interesting in trading some pullet chicks or ordering some chicks together. Let me know how far you are from me.

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