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    Mar 10, 2015
    Bedford, Virginia
    Hey y'all! I am a Georgia native that was transplanted in Virginia in 2007. So glad that there is a whole thread on here for people in Virginia. Anyone in here near the Bedford County area? That's where I am currently. I love it where I am at. I was in the city until March of last year when we moved out to the country and I finally feel like I am home now! I am definitely a country girl and the country is where I belong. I will never live in the city again! Hope I don't offend anyone, it's just not for me! I just got my first batch of chicks for me to raise on my own. I grew up around chickens on the great-grandfather's farm, but I have never raised them on my own and especially from chicks. I have 4 Red Stars and 2 Barred Rocks. I have a almost 4 year old son and he absolutely LOVES them. He will sit in his little chair and just watch them and laugh out them. He especially loves it when they flap their little wings. I will be so happy to talk to other people in Virginia!
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