Virus blocked--many times


8 Years
Feb 19, 2011
Massachusetts, USA
FYI- I am surprised by the number of times my malware detects and stops a virus on this site. My malware is constantly warning me to leave this site:hit or risk invasion; of course I continue! What leave BYC?!?!? No way. THen pops up a message that virus was blocked.

Seriously, this does have me worried. THis doesn't happen to me on other sites - - Just thought you should know.
Me too--and I only have time to browse BYC at work!

(government contractors with super-heavy firewalls/programs)
I would think it could be alot of things. Things to check would be that your PC is not infected with spyware and the browser is trying to get redirected and it is blocking the redirect. A single antivirus/antispyware app will not catch everything all the time. Could be that your software alarms if a certain script runs from the BYC website. Some apps are more sensitive than others.

What software are you running? I might can test the same software from my PC or PCs.
I have no virus protection program.
I have a programmer.
My DH calls himself a "computer god".

You know the type, diploma on the wall, binary code instead of blood, PC parts in boxes everywhere.

And how does this "superman" protect my machine? Format > Reload. Grrrrrrrr.

I have to save-to-disc constantly, just in case the "god" decides it's time to wipe the slate and start clean.

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