Virus infection and a week later no eggs

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    May 4, 2011
    My flock (one rooster and 8 hens) suffered through a mild virus infection about a week ago. Not all birds showed sign of disease, some were mildly depressed and the rooster had heavy breathing and sneezing. Since the rooster is my pet cuddling rooster, I treated him with antibiotics to prevent secondary infection. The hens were left untreated unless they showed signs of depression (2 hens). Thereafter egg production has gone down and yesterday there was not a single egg.
    I am wondering if there is this loss in egg production is a delayed effect of the virus infection affecting the ovaries and that the egg formation was stopped during the virus infection.

    Any tips how to get them going again. They are getting good layer diet, myxotoxin binder, organic selenium, mannan-oligosaccharides and treats with worm and cheese.

    The weather is nice and warm now in Belgium and lots of hours of daylight.

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    Some respiratory infections can damage the ovaries and oviduct. If that happens, it could be permanent.
    I'd be patient. If the dearth of eggs continues, I'd consider changing the feed from layer to a grower or other feed lower in calcium.

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