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    Never being in a poultry club or attending a show..I have a few questions.. Can anyone go to the shows or are they usually closed to members only? Are some/most of the birds for sale? Are they auctioned off or is there a set price for each bird? Is it ok to approach an owner about their birds and ask if it is for sale??

    How about those birds that are shown at the State Fair??

    Is there any thing else I should know about shows?? Thank you and I am sorry if these are stupid questions!! Dixie
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    APA shows are open to anyone. Most people at the show are extremely helpful. I highly recommend watching the kids showmanship you learn a lot. there is usually a designated sale area. sometimes there is an auction. you can always ask a breeder if they have anything for sale. the show are very fun
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    Funny you should ask. I recentl joinged the APA, and I got my first catalog 2 weeks ago. I will be attending my first poultry show on the 18th Sept. and I was told a meeting is to follow for we are in the same boat. I am a bit nervous about it because I don't know what to do or I'll just ask lots of questions and follow along. LOL Good Luck.
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    Generally the majority of the birds being shown, especially those who place well, are not for sale; the sale birds are in a separate area. After judging, some owners will place For Sale tags on some show birds. Most exhibitors LOVE to talk about their birds, so ask plenty of questions, and don't be shy about asking if they have any birds for sale.
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    You hit the nail on the head, and all true and accurate.

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    Dear Dixie,

    I would like to add to this post with a little more specific information that will make you pass as someone that has been coming to APA sanctioned shows for YEARS!!!

    What you will see in the Showroom.... At first it will give the appearence of just wall to wall birds, even cages just stacked on top of each other! Well, believe it or not, someone worked hard to have it organized before you arrived. There will be areas set aside for waterfowl, turkeys, and the chickens (besides the sale area) but I will explain the chickens. They will be divided between large fowl size and bantams, each shown separately, as well as a Junior's area. The next thing you will notice is that the birds are next divided by class. In large fowl this named for it's place of origin (for example, American Class, English Class, Continental Class, Asiatic Class, etc. while the bantam classes are named for physical charactoristics such as Featherlegged, Single Combed-Cleaned Legged (S.C.C.L.), Rose Combed-Clean Legged (R.C.C.L), Game Bantam, etc. Every breed is listed in only one class. Within each class there will be several breeds. For example for the bantam featherlegged you will find Cochins, Silkies, D' Uccles. But, I'm still not through! Each breed will have different varieties whos color patterns set it apart from others. For example, the Cornish will be divided with color variety, such as blacks, blues, columbian, spangled, mottled, white laced, etc. AND, THEN, the cocks (C), hens (H), cockerals (K) and pullets (P) of each variety will be divided. You will also notice that each bird will have a tag with this information added as well as the Exhibitor's number. So..... you now know how to find those breeds and varieties that interest you! (NOW, GO HUG THAT SHOW SECRETARY FOR HIS/HER HARD WORK)

    When you first arrive, look for a desk set up where you may ask for an "Exhibitor's List". This will be a listing of exhibitors with their names as well as each person's number that will correspond to the number on each birds coop tag. So..... for instance, you see the most increadible white call duck and it has the number 45 on its tags, look on your Exhibitor's List for that persons name that corresponded to that number. Just ask around in that area of the Showroom and someone will direct you to that breeder. Oh, and I've never meet a breeder that would not LOVE to tell you all about his/her birds. This is not a shy bunch. (hahaha)

    Judging.... while the judging is taking place it is not a good idea to talk to or interfere with them until ALL judging is over. Often the eisles are roped off or just otherwise you are expected not to go into that area AT ALL. The judge is scoring birds based on a detailed point system that is comparing physical charactaristics of each bird. The closest to the standard that is found in the APA's book "Standard to Perfection" or the ABA's "Bantam Standard" the higher they will score and the better the chance for placing. Each breed's variety will be ranked first through third or fifth place. After all in that variety has been judged, he will then rank the best (BV) and then the second best or reserve (RV). After all those varieties have been judged, they will then consider the two that best represents the breed called the Best of Breed (BB) and the Reserve Breed (RB). All of this information will be marked on each bird's tag as they complete the judging in that area. Those birds will compete for Class Champion and Reserve Class Champion and then on to Champion row. And, at the end of the day, there will be a Show champion. [​IMG] Whew.....

    All the while, expect to find tables set up to purchase poultry products such as leg bands, feeders, medication, shipping boxes, and more! (and when you consider you will not have to pay for shipping, it's always a good deal) These are the products that your corner feed store is usually not going to stock, and if they do, believe it or not it is usually at an even more economical price at the Show.

    Before you leave, all this must be taken down. So, if you have the time and really want to make yourself be remembered by the other Club members all you have to do is volunteer to help with clean up.

    Relax, have fun, and you will find this to be quite an interesting hobby for the poultry enthusists in all of us.

    [​IMG] Claudia

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