Vitamin advice


8 Years
Mar 20, 2011
Lillian, AL
I am curious about giving vitamins to my chickens to help maintain their health. Curious what others do/use or even think about the idea.
As some of you may have read in another post, I vaccinated my birds and they are taking on the symptoms of what I vaccinated them for. None have died, but are definitely affected. If I am lucky enough to save them, I feel that their immune systems probably need a kick start.
I'd just like to know if people regularly give vitamins and minerals to their chickens and how do they do it, how often, what they use and how it is administered. I have a relatively large flock of about 50 chickens of various breeds.
I add minerals to my feed by buying bags of it at the feed store and sprinkling it on top of each bucket I feed. Our soil lacks selenium here so I was having birds with wry neck. Sometimes I put polyvisol infant vitamins in the drinking water when the birds are stressed. Hope that helps, oh, if you ask for bird minerals at the feed store they think you are nuts. I just use the same stuff I get for the goats.

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