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    I found out last wednesday that I have a B12 deficiency. I had been getting headaches everyday for a month so I went to a neurologist and I got a catscan done and she also tested my B12 levels. Well, they came back and the scan was fine but my B12 levels were less than half of what the normal levels are. So I have an appt. to go to my primary doctor next week, but I was wondering if anybody here has this. The headaches came with nausea, fatigue, lightheadness, and I felt tired all the time.

    I started taking B12 dots, but if my body cant absorb it then I might have to get the B12 shots. Well, I read about Nascobal Nasal Spray for people who have B12 deficiency and I would much rather do that. Has anybody here used it before? I guess that B12 deficiency can cause a whole list of problems.
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    Wow that is interesting....I have headaches all the time and no one can figure out what the deal is....give me meds that don't work etc....Might try the b12 route and see what doc says about that.!
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    Quote:Yes, get a test done. B12 is a specific test that you have to ask for, otherwise they dont test for it. I would get a test done, just to be sure.
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    I wish the dr's would just run the whole gamet of tests and get it done, I have been fighting these dang things for like 12 years and it is "all in my head" catscans ok, mri ok, but I still have them...I told one doc to climb in my head and him deal with it.....

    I told him to take his bottom lip and pull it up over his head and that is not even close to how these feel!

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    B12 is great!

    I had to have some bloodwork done because I never seemed to have any energy at all.
    I had a B12 defencency. I took the shots for a while and my energy was restored!
    Another symptom is constanty chapped lips believe it or not!
    I will have to ask the Doc. about the nasal spray, that sounds a lot better than getting a shot everyday.
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    Quote:I hate shots, so Im hoping the doctor will say yes to the spray.
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    People who have lost parts of their stomach or intestines through surgery or injury often have to get B12 shots into their solar plexus on a weekly basis. ><
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    For your body to absorb Vitamin b12, you need intrisnic factor which is produced by the gastric juices (acid) of your stomach. If for some reason you have a low gastric acid production, or you are on meds to reduce gastric acid production, you do not produce enough intrisnic factor to absorb the amounts of b12 that your body needs.

    Lack of intrisnic factor can also lead to pernicious anemia.

    b12 Injections are intramuscular - ouch!
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    Are you a vegetarian? It is more probable for a vegetarian to be deficient in B12 than protein. There are few vegetarian sources. Most vegetarians actually get theirs from commercially made bread which is allowed to have insect parts, which have B12.
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    nope not a vegetarian here,....gotta have my beef and chicken and pork...!!!! My steaks I like rare so rare a good vet and a bandaid and it is gonna be mooing!!!!! [​IMG]

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