Vitamins for chicks


Delux Cluxs
11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
N Florida
I would like to know if giving the poly-vi-sol w/o iron on a daily basis will be beneficial or detrimental to my new chicks? And how much should I put in a 1 quart waterer?


10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
I have been adding (for the past 3 days) one teaspoon of GQF Vitamins Plus to a gallon of drinking water. Maybe I'm crazy but I swear my chickens (already healthy) look even livelier than before. I just bought a plastic waterer so I can add organic apple cider vinegar (I understand you can't use a metal waterer) one or two teaspoons to a gallon. Also fresh dandelion greens - they're free and the chickens love them! I'm very new, so if any of this is wrong or anyone has something to add -- please do! I have many books but have learned a LOT more on this site, so thank you all very much. My husband and young son were collecting earthworms and tossing them into the coop - I stopped that quick.

PS I find myself daydreaming about adding new chickens. This is a sickness, right? "Chicken Fever?" Oh yeah, and a second coop for the silkies and bantams I want to breed ... sure thing!

Sick, sick, sick (love it).

Boggy Bottom Bantams

11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Hahira, GA
yes, dont go overboard with it or it does no good. I do it on Wed and Saturdays in my routine and at only about 1/2 dose. If anything out of the normal pops up, then go to a full dose and do daily but for no more than the recommended label period, usually 3-7 days

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