Vitamins for Fowl Pox?

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    Apr 15, 2009
    I have four of my nine chickens (5 months old) who appear to have fowl pox. The strange part is that one day they just suddenly had small black spots the size of a head of a pin or smaller for some on their wattle or comb. They never had these yellow puss filled bumps like I have been reading about. I know this for a fact because I have been keeping a close eye on their wattles and combs because they are all growing so fast lately and becoming this beautiful red. Each chicken that is affected only has about 3 -4 bumps or less and it has stayed the same for a few days now.

    I have read to add vitamins to their water (I use a plastic waterer) to help boost their immune system for a quicker recovery. What type of vitamins do I use for them and how much? I put one gallon of fresh water in their waterer every day. I assume this will not hurt the chickens that have not been affected by this. I believe I should use the vitamins for only about 4 - 5 weeks, correct?
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    That sounds like dried blood spots, not fowl pox, to me. Vitamins won't stave off fowl pox, but anything that adds to their nutrition will aid them in recovery. You can get Avia Charge 2000 online, a very complete supplement, or use baby vitamins without iron (polyvisol) at 3-4 drops in their beaks once a day (not sure on dosage in water).

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