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    I bought a 4 oz packet of vitamins & electrolites... it tells me to mix half the packet with 55 gallons of water... which is fine for large scale farming but what do I do for a gallon of water??? is 1 teaspoon too much??? not enough ??? and how often do you give them vitamins daily every other day once a week??? I have 3 chicks and one hen...

    any suggestions would be appreciated [​IMG]
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    4 oz to 110 gallons of water. So you would need about .04 oz for every gallon. I would think a small pinch per gallon of water.

    I have never used vitamins like that so I’m not sure.
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    Hi, to be safe I'd call the company.

    I had some from V&E from Agri Labs before & they told me 1 teaspoon to 5 gallons of water.

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