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    when I was at the fair this fall some of the birds had water bottles with colored water in them and the lady caring for all the birds said that it was vitamins... I have seen on here somewhere that stressed birds should be given vitamins... should happy healthy birds be given vitamins???? what kind would you recommend and where would I find it???
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    I got my last packs from First State Vet Supply. Not pricey. I give mine some daily during the hot weather.
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    Aug 28, 2007
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    I recommend using vitamins. I use avia charge 2000.
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    I use Avia Charge 2000 too, and also Immuno Charge (both by McMurray). I personally don't like to give a supplement every single day, so I rotate each one of those through the water supply one day a week.

    I also rotate Oxine through one day before the Immuno Charge. I think it helps keep yeast populations under control, and it also kills harmful bacteria.

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