7 Years
Apr 1, 2016
It seems that I remember an association between fenbendazole and vitiligo in chickens but now I can't find the link where I read this.
Anyone have info on this?
I did have a bird that suffered from a mild case after fenbendazole treatment.
Anyone else?
I've used fenbendazole on my birds during molt years ago. The feathers regrew curled inward towards their body as well as stunted in growth. I've never used fenbendazole when birds were in molt since.
I dont see anything in the link/study below that indicates fenbendazole is associated with vitiligo. My birds skin looked normal other the weird looking feathers.
I've seen this link. So fenbendazole can affect feather growth and I think there is a caution against using during molt.
I vaugely remember seeing a chickens skin on a chicken processing video that had skin like vitiligo. Don't exactly remember now but putting 2 and 2 together maybe they wormed it.

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