Vizsla in the Brooder!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by RedTailRanch, Mar 29, 2008.

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    My brooder is set up in a downstairs storage room, but I've been keeping the door open for ventilation (it was getting stuffy with the door closed.

    The brooder is surrounded by a dog fence (from when my dog was a puppy) but it is not able to be locked. We are four weeks in, and my dog has NOT gotten into the brooder. She just likes to sit and watch them, and gets excited if they run around or flap their wings.

    Vizslas are bird dogs, Hungarian Pointers, actually. Since I am on 10 acres and I want my birds to free range, I have been hoping that the dog would get used to them. She loves to chase all the wildlife on the property, and she is FAST, yet she never actually catches anything. We have rabbits, prairie dogs, wild turkeys, deer, moose, squirrels, chipmunks (her NEW favorite), and many other critters.

    Well, as I was walking by the brooder room this morning I looked in and there was my Visla IN THE BROODER PEN! And ALL 30 chicks safe and accounted for! I couldn't believe it! Of course, I am not taking any chances and have now more securely closed the fence. BUT, I am glad that she does not appear to want to eat them. If the chicks (or soon to be chickens) RUN from her, then that might be a different story. Part of the excitement is the chase. If they are not afraid of her, they might be safe(r). That has also been part of my thinking, is getting the chicks used to HER. They don't seem to mind her so far, even when she was IN with them! Below is a pic of her watching them when I first brought them home.

    Just thought is was a story I'd like to share!

    Chris in Spokane

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    Cute picture! It looks like she's watching over them. I hope my springer reacts the same. I'm planning to let her sniff them and tell her it's her job to take care of them. Hopefully, she won't translate that into taking care of them by eating them! [​IMG]
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    My dad's neighbor had a Viszla. Beautiful dogs! Their dog's name was Rosie, what's yours? Your dog's name, I mean, LOL?
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    Maybe she will consider them 'HER' babies and protect them [​IMG]

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