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11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
We have a pond and in the spring lots of Canada geese arrive. This year, in May, a white Chinese goose showed up one day and stayed. I think it was dumped off at a neighbors farm and walked at least a mile or two to get to our pond. Needless to say, the Canada geese left in August and now there's only this one lonely goose left. I have no idea if it's male or female.

It's interesting to watch and I've become intrigued by the behaviors - quite entertaining. It has bonded with our cars and sleeps next to them and honks when we want to leave. Entertaining, but pitiful.

The problem is this - I didn't intentionally want to keep a goose. I think it's lonely, and it's definitely messy. I also have a home based business and customers are afraid of it. The goose is not terribly aggressive if you stand up to it though. Not really tame either.

I've thought about giving it a permanent home, but I'm really not looking for another hobby. I haven't a clue about what I'd be getting into. Mostly, I like the goose and want it to be safe and happy. Any advice on what to do?
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Geese do better in groups of at least two since they are such social animals. In a jam they'll bond with ducks, turkeys, chickens and even dogs. If you don't mind spending a little money, put the word out at feedstores that you want another goose for yours. Gender doesn't matter unless you want goslings from them. As long as you keep him socialized and comfortable around strangers he shouldn't be _too_ bad, but he will require work. Geese seem to be like dogs - if they aren't properly socialized they'll become even more aggressive and loud toward others.

If you don't mind either way and just want to make sure he goes to a good home then check the feed stores to see if anyone raises Chinese. You can probably place him in a good flock for free.

If you really like geese and ever decide to get into them, I strongly recommend American Buffs or Pilgrims. They're bred to be quiet and docile. Very rarely do they ever sound the alarm and they virtually never hiss or posture aggressively. It will give you the chance to feed your goosey addiction while also keeping customers happy. As an additional bonus, you can spread the goosey gospel to curious customers and show them that geese are great to have around.

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