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    Apr 19, 2011
    Toys for tots here ran out of toys last week. With only 2000 orders filled of the nearly 7000.
    A mom of two heard about it, talked to her kids, and they gave up their order for another family. The community heard about this, pulled things together to give her family an awesome Christmas.
    When word spread more people jumped in, gave up there spots for toys, and again the community came together, gave them Christmas AND filled the toys for tots bins.
    Then came word they only had 4-5 people filling the orders, and they were exhausted. One of the local news anchors put out a call for volunteers to show up starting at 6:40 am. I got off work at 6, called my kiddo and asked if she wanted to skip 0 hour (an extra class before school starts officially). She decided to skip and go to T4T with me.
    40 of us showed up, and jumped in started bagging. We were only able to stay a couple hours, but wow it was so worth it. My daughter left asking when can we come back mom.
    Unfortunately she can't tomorrow, but I will be there again, and every morning for a couple hours until all orders are filled.
    It was awesome. The energy was so high. Everyone was so happy. There were grandparents there, parents, high school kids, elementary kids, even one infant who slept through it all. If the kids can pick a toy or book, they can help.

    If you have even an hour, I would so encourage you to go to Toys for Tots. It's so worth it and so fun

    We filled so many today...we ran out of room for the bags [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    Thank you for reminding us that giving doesn't have to be expensive. A few hours of our time can be the most valuable gift of all.

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