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    Elections Committee Chairman Todd Smith of Euless, who was at the center of a partisan brawl over voter ID during the 2009 Legislature, has introduced legislation that would require voters to show a photo ID to cast ballots. HB401, modeled after a Georgia law, would also authorize creation of a voter identification card, which would be among the approved ID forms.

    Other acceptable IDs would be a driver's license; passport; concealed handgun license; military identification card; student ID with a photo; U.S. citizenship certificate; and state, federal or tribal ID cards with photos.

    That's not the whole article, just a blurp, but I really like this bill. To me, as a voter, it protects me and my right to cast my vote. It makes it where no one else can just walk in and claim to be me. It makes it where I don't have to worry that when I show up at the polls that I will be informed that "I" have already voted so tough nuggets.

    I really hope this passes.

    I've heard some make noise that this isn't fair. That there are tons of voters who are incapable of having any form of ID. I find that illogical in this day and age. Even those who do not drive can get an ID card in this state. And even discounting those "normal" ones ... ones that are required to have a checking account, to cash a check, to have a job, to do just about anything.... completely discounting that there are MANY other forms that are acceptable... including, in this bill, a voter ID card... that ANY voter can get. So, IMO the arguments about this interfering with voter rights is just a bunch of bologna... but that's me... I do NOT believe that this is remotely similar to the old laws requiring proof of land ownership, and at a time when only certain folks were allowed to own land... thus a good number were excluded from the right... that stuff was blatant crap... I do not believe that this is even remotely the same thing because ANY citizen can get these acceptable types of ID.... THAT, to me, is what makes this different from those old laws. In this, IMO, it is the real, honest voter who is protected... not to mention the electoral process itself...

    But, I'm interested... what do you guys think?
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    Sep 24, 2010
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    I agree with you. I'm left of center but issues like this are where I step away from my liberal friends. You're right. Anyone that has a right to vote should be able to get a voter ID card. If you can't then it means you probably aren't a legal voter. Liberals feed the false allegations of wanting non eligible voters to vote when they stand up against stuff like this.

    I actually have no problem with a national ID card, Unless you are living off grid the gov already knows everything but what you like like without your clothes. A national ID card which is much more secure than other forms of ID and would be much harder to lie about is the way to go. I believe McCain was pushing them. It's a good idea.

    As an aside. It seems like in TX a CCP should be sufficient for most everyone.
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    Oct 19, 2010
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    What happened to motor voter?
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    Georgia is still having issues enforcing there new law. I like it but then I always throw my ID on the table as I go in so they don't have to ask me any questions out loud. Not like everyone in the room don't already know where I live but no point in reciting my full name an address for the crowd when I don't have to.
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    Quote:Both sides, usually the extreme fringes, hate the national ID card. I think it makes sense but it must be Constitutionally limited. I wouldn't want my health care records, speeding tickets (not that I have any), credit, or other financial info attached to it, just a verified pic and identity tied in with my Social Security number. Heck, just make it the new SS card. I'm not sure what would be so difficult about implementing this. Oh yeah, it would hurt the illegal alien population and many businesses and government organizations rely on those illegals for their existance and profits.
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    If I remember correctly. Before we went to mail in elections. I HAD to show my voter registration card to vote at the polls.

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    Apr 6, 2007
    Quote:They card us here too and last month one of the women checking in voters made me give her my phone number. She said it had something to do with candlelight or something. We're getting married next year.
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    Quote:[​IMG] THIS. It would cut down on voter fraud, but also it could make a dent in general ID fraud/theft... anyone can have a SS card with Joe Smith on it and there's no way to know if they really are Joe Smith or if Joe is a two year old or died two years ago... and you're just using the number for your own aims. So many cases of people's credit being ruined, etc, because someone used their SS number... if it was a photo ID it'd be a little harder. Sure some creeps would find a way around, but it would make it harder.

    I for one don't think stealing someone's identity... for money, the vote, whatever is acceptable... unfortunately many politicians disagree...
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    Quote:I've always had a voter card and use it when I vote - didn't know there was a way otherwise [​IMG]
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    That's the thing... when I've voted I either had my DL or my VRC (voter reg. card) with me... you have to go to your specific precinct and they haul out this huge book and match up your name with your name in the book, you sign your name... give you a ballot (or code number for the puter) and off you go.

    It's a little different for early voting, show ID/Card, and they print out the label with your info and put it into a book, you sign... then get ballot/code and off you go.

    I've never tried to vote without ID/Card so I don't know what would happen... but like all the others there has always been some form of ID (at least since 98 when I first voted) so I do not understand why folks get in a tizzy over a law that says there has to be ID... it's already done so what's the problem?!?!?

    [​IMG] Is that just a hobby? A preference? Oh, maybe it's county rules and this would make it STATE law??

    I donno, whole thing seems weird. Like making a state law that says theft is wrong... well DUH, already on the books as wrong would be my reaction (just as now)... but then there'd be some morons up there refusing to vote for it for some reason... maybe just because they can't go a day without arguing.

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