VPBA Show 5/3 at Gilman Farm in Glen Allen, VA


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Feb 17, 2008
Montpelier, Virginia
Who is going to the VA Poultry Breeders show on May 3rd? I'm beside myself I'm so excited. Nothing ready to show yet, but I'm hoping to go learn a lot! Has anyone gone to this show before that could tell me (us) a little about it? I'd like to bring some young birds to sell too, I think the protocol is to get the $10 table/selling space. Just want to make sure I try to do what I can right, rather than just go in there having no idea
Do we contact a certain person from VPBA to get the space, or Gilman Farms themselves?

Thanks for any help!
I've never been to a show there but I did go to a swap there if I recall correctly.
Was a real nice place and the people were so nice.
The VPBA used to have a web sight but I'm not sure if it still exist.
Hope you enjoy the trip...and if you find out any other information, please post!
Hey folks.. the info for this show is posted online.. you can print out the entry form and send it in.

The sale is going on at the same time as the show, looks like a space is $10 with no extra associated fees, except if you want to show.
GRRRRRRRRR why does it have to be this day? I have 2 other things I HAVE to go to that day. Oh well at least there will be another Virginia swap meet in June I can attend!
Trade Day & VPBA Spring Show is : May 3 8 am til..........
Breakfast and lunch are available

Its a buy sell and trade anything day ( goods depend on who comes and what they are providing)

There are activities for kids

$ 10 for a space

Call Joel Gilman @804-798-6514 for info or questions
directions are 295 to route 33 west and go about 4.5 miles, it'll be on the left
I'm planning on going. I went to last falls swap and it was really big.

There are a number of meets this year including:

Special Polish Breeder's Club
State Plymouth Rock Fanciers Club of America
District Belgian D'Anver Club

I talked to Joel Gilman today and he told me he sold 1000 birds at the show and swap last year. He has some beautiful partridge rocks that I'm going to get soon.
We go every year. Its getting so big. 10 for a space to sell. Breakfast and lunch on site .Things for kids also. We usually sell out. Starts at 8 usually before. Will last most of the day. Lots of fun

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