W/BW Ameraucana gender? (PIC Heavy!)

Frost Homestead

8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
Lago Vista, TX
I'm pretty sure 4 of them are pullets, but I wanna get someone more familiar with them to offer their opinion

^^ the one I suspect is a cockerel is circled on the left. He has dark colored feathers coming in on his neck, a dark rust color. This was about a week ago. They are 3 weeks old now and he's got a lot of black coming all over in so I'm thinking Wheaten. Also, I circled the one on the right because this one is much lighter than the rest, she has only a tiny touch of blue. maybe a splash?

^^ here's the suspected cockerel

^^ here's the lightest one with no blue and very light pastel buff color coming in on her neck

^^ this one and the next two are all identical. if it weren't for the little spot on one of their heads I wouldn't be able to tell them apart

^^ pretty sure it's a pullet

^^ the third one. all these ones are getting a pastel buff color coming in on their necks. at least one unfortunately lacks the muffs/beard

Excuse the dirty feet and beaks. they were having a little feeding frenzy after I got home from work

So what do you think?

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