WA Trade Goose Transportation for Ducks, Chickens, Sebastopol gander

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    Not sure if this is the right place so mods please feel free to move it if need be...

    I found some geese I would like to buy. However, they are over near Spokane. The current seller of the geese cannot even meet me 1/2 way. With winter bearing down on us & with my husband still not 100% after the swine flu, I don't have time to travel 6+ hours (round trip) for a pair of geese. A few hours is do-able, though so if anyone is traveling to the west side for the chicken show next month (December) can is willing/able to transport a VERY large pair of geese for me, I'd be willing to trade a Sebastopol gander (hatched this spring) for your time, a pair of muscovies or some roosters, LOL

    Just a thought...random, I know...but yeah...



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