Waaa! RIP Monica


10 Years
Jan 26, 2012
I already posted this in predators, but I'm so upset! My little Monica was killed by a mink last night. I didn't even know we had those.
She was my favorite little call. I loved how how she waddled like a 13 year old girl in her first high heels. I know it's just how their books are shaped, but she was always smiling lol.


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Callender Girl

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Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
I am so sorry about your Monica. She sounds like a wonderful little girl, and I'm sure you will miss her for a long time.

Mink are wretched murderers and the only animal I will ever take pleasure in eradicating. They are the reason everything here is now protected by hardware cloth, since anything bigger than a one-half-inch opening allows them to get in.

Three of my four laying hens in one coop were killed by a mink last winter, and the lousy killer refused to run off -- even with me chasing it with a three-tined cultivator in hand. It came back later in the wee hours to try for Honey, the lone survivor from that coop. I had moved her and once again gave chase.

I hope your other babies stay safe.

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