Waaaaah my baby misses me!!

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    Mar 26, 2010
    I got a precious card from my girl Aaren. I've been carrying it around for 2 days. She mailed it by herself & didn't tell her adoptive parents!! It says

    "Thank you for taking care of me all years until we were seprated (adorable mis-spellings) I relly mss you Mommy but mabbe we cod see each other again some day. Love Aaren"

    I've been alternating between thrilled that she loves me & sad that she is upset. She drew a sad face with tears. I wrote her back & told her how proud I was of her, & how I cherish her every second of every day. How sorry I am that the world tore us apart. I couldn't stay in the same town with soneone my daughter called 'Mom' It hurt too much.

    I'm getting her a pink Zhu Zhu hamster for the Solstice which is the 21st of December. Its convincing the adoptive folks who I also love dearly to let her open it on the 21st instead of waiting til their "Christmas" thats hard. I always get Dad a weird looking necktie every year.


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    Awwh! sounds like you have a sweet DD!

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    I really think you should tell her that they are her parents and she shouldn't hide things from them. Also you should respect that they are her parents and it's their decision what holidays they choose to recognize. If you respect them and tell their daughter that she needs to as well they will respect you more and be more welcoming of their daughter having a relationship with her biological parent. I understand that you love her but you need to love her enough to do what is best for her and her believing that doing things behind her parents backs is ok is definitely not in her best interest. And it's not in your best interest either. If they see their daughter lying (by omission) to them because of you they surely won't go out of their way to let you have any part in her life. Don't get me wrong I really hope that things work out. But you need to know how lucky you are that she even knows who you are.
  5. Gee, no criticism here, just a big hug. I'm so glad you heard from your girl.
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    [​IMG] Great, now I am tearing up in real life.... [​IMG] I have no clue about the circumstances that lead to all this and what is happening now, but I am giving you HUGE hugs! It is obvious your baby loves you very much and misses you! I am so so sorry for what every lead to her not being with you and I pray peace and that even though you are not together, that your love for each other will remain and that you will have a relationship with her for the rest of her life. [​IMG]
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    Remind her - and yourself - how fortunate she is to have three adults in her life who love her so very much that they put what is best for her ahead of their own feelings. It does not really matter what the circumstances were that separated you except that you eventually gave her up to some one else who you thought could better care for her. To me there is no greater love. [​IMG]

    I don't see how sending the gift for her to her parents and asking if they would be willing to let her open it on the 21st would be a problem..... The worst they can do is give it to her on the 25th and you'll be none the wiser......

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    I agree With chickensducks&agoose
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    the short & ugly version:

    Her daddy decided to hang himself & I ended up homeless with a 5 month old, he died January 5, 2000, early in the moring.

    I asked my parents if they would take her in & care for her until I could get my carcass on its feet

    I tracked down my birthmother whichh annoyed the adoptive folks,

    married again in 2002, to Nathan who is less than normal in a good way & still uses the word 'groovy'

    they refused to give her back to me & took me to court. Dad is a lawyer. The pro bono dork that I was assigned to was his old buddy. He's got money, I dont

    they got custody & I couldn't stay in the same town where my child called someone else Mom. I moved to Oregon.

    some hurts go too deep to heal. Aaren was & is my only reason for existance, to be her mother.

    Nuff said

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