Waco... New to chickens and site.


Jun 3, 2017
New to chickens. Built what I thought would be a great fortress for them. Found out I went way overkill. :)
The coop is framed with 4x4" steel with cee purlin. I used fence slats to make the coop part. I built 4 nesting boxes with a small overhang. That may have been a mistake, they love it up there.

I have 5 adolescent hens I bought from a chicken farm in town. They are Polish/Silkie crosses. They are somewhat tame, which is great because I have a 4 year old that is infatuated with them. (Along with his cat, Gadget)
I'm an aircraft mechanic and I have more hobbies than time. My 4yo takes up most of my spare time, but I love to hunt and fish and that uses most of the rest.
Thanks for the add and all the great info!

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