Waddles and Cones turning white (pale)

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    Jul 15, 2009
    I am new to chickens. I have about 12 that are from 16 to 18 weeks
    old. Different breeds. Welsummer, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and Faverolles. They have been kind of sneezing and have a clear runny nose. But they have been acting normal. I have had them on Duramycin for about 4 days. Tonight I noticed that their cones and
    waddles seam to be turning white (Pale) some more than others. And their faces seem a little swollen abound their eyes. Some of them didn't seen as perky as thy usually are, the ones that had the whiter

    I stopped the Dur. thinking maybe a reaction.

    Any Ideas on what might be causing this whiteness.

    BTW, they still seem to be sneezing and having clear runny noses. What about advise on this. Weather here is changing, chilly at nights.

    Thanks Steve
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    May 7, 2008
    You should continue the Duramycin for ten days.

    When you stop an antibiotic before it can kill all of the bacteria, the only bacteria that remain are superbugs that reproduce and can be impossible to eradicate.

    Weather can give them the sniffles. It can also be any number of diseases, all of which are very difficult to diagnose and each of which requires a different treatment. Some are fungal, and get worse when you give antibiotics, some are viral, and antibiotics have no effect, and some are bacterial, but the bacteria is now resistant to normal antibiotics.

    Where did you get your chickens? Were they all purchased from the same place? It is possible that they have MG, which is generally not deadly, and is not usually treated.

    Here's a link to a chart that has symptoms and diseases.
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    Jan 11, 2007
    Please put them on Polyvisol enfamil (not the one with the extra iron -just the normal one > this is a childrens A-B-D liquid vitamin) >>>three drops in beak once a day for two weeks.
    Vit A deficiency is more common than you would think and presents with symptoms similar to respiratory illness.
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