Waddles & Puddles have bumblefoot...


Waddles & Puddles
9 Years
Nov 28, 2010
I always check on their feet to make sure there's no infection. So, today when I let them out, I was looking at Waddles feet, and she has bumblefoot! It's not terrible yet, luckily.

She's going to the vet on Tuesday...

UPDATE- Puddles also has it. We're treating them both.
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In the meantime, it would probably help if you can get Waddles to cooperate, to wipe the foot two or three times a day with some triple antibiotic ointment. I've found that it really helps with bumblefoot - we've been able to treat a few cases (which is all we've had so far) successfully that way. It's still a good idea to go to the vet.
The vet gave us a foot scrub to wash with daily, and some pills we have to force down her throat.
We're picking up peas tomorrow...
I hadn't looked at the bottom of her foot until he did- It looked really bad.
It can go around a flock. I once had three of my ten ducks with it. I started walking around with triple antibiotic in my pocket, and would scoop up the ducks, slather their feet, and set them down again.

It can just happen. But it's more likely if they are walking on a rough surface (concrete, sharp stones) or if there's standing yucky water that they're getting into. It's a common bacterium - it's all over the place if I understand correctly.

Now that you have seen it, you'll be able to pick up more quickly that it's happening, if they ever get it again.

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