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    Mar 2, 2008
    are best kept for eating ice-cream

    They are, at best, unreliable and inaccurate in all but the most ideal circumstances ie new, and in a very stable room temp and humidity. Anything less than this will cause anxiety (both for you and the egg). Even when they are new and run indoors they still are hard to adjust and control.

    Yeah, I know that wafers have hatched eggs since Noah was a boy, but there is better available at modest cost.

    Proportional temperature control (as used by every manufacturer of decent incubators, is available to everyone, at modest cost. Especially when you consider the cost of regularly replacing wafers.

    They can be retro-fitted to any incubator, and a PID controller together with a T-type thermocouple will last forever, and can be had for about $60. They are very easy to wire and operate.

    PID, btw, is even better than proportional, as it learns the ambient changes and responds without overshooting either way. This reduces the effects of room temperature and humidity changes to a very low level.

    We don't ride around in horse and cart much, these days. Why do we still allow manufacturers to foist wafer control on us.

    Your mileage may very well vary
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    Funny thing about using the newer non wafer controls in an incubator that is heated by light, they are so good that they don't include very much hysteresis into them, and it is not added, so you end up with light bulbs flashing like mad once temp is reached. LOL
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    Mar 2, 2008
    Gotcha Silkie .... please don't get me started on lightbulbs [​IMG]

    Heating rope really is a) Cheaper in the long run and b) superior in just about every way.

    These are, of course, just my opinions ... I wanna share them contructively [​IMG]
  4. silkiechicken

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    Oh yeah, I'd do a wire, but I gotta find a use for literally, I'm not joking, 300+ incandescent light bulbs I found in the attic dating back to maybe the 60's. [​IMG]

    We use all fluorescents in the house now and so might as well use them to make babies hatch and keep them warm!! A heated coil would be so much less annoying when you are trying to sleep. LOL

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