Wait to thin out Roos due to hawk threat?!? 7-weeks-old tomorrow


5 Years
Aug 12, 2014
Ok, after losing our first chicken ever last week to some type of un-named small hawk, we have battened down the hatches a bit--chicken wire over dog run, tarp over that, pallets on legs throughout the pasture, screens & more pallets leaned at an angle against the coop...CD's and mirrors and scarecrow this week. Spent all this $$ on PoultryNet for peace of mind against 4-legged predators...and now I STILL have to worry about hawks!!!

That being said, the hawk took one of our more bold, precocious Barred Rock Roos--do you think at 7-weeks they instinctually try to protect the flock already? Was literally planning on giving away about 10 of the Roos next week at a Poultry Swap--everyone still gets along just dandy and there's no real fighting and no crowing at the moment.
Almost wondering if I should keep the flock in tact as long as possible--more Roo eyes trained to the sky?

The coop is 10'X10' with three roosts and seems to fit them more than adequately at this point, 7-weeks-old. The run is 12'X8' but I hate to keep them in just that when we have 1600sf of lovely, grassy area for them to explore.

When my husband heard a hawk earlier today, he ran down to the pen, only to find it a ghost town--everyone in the coop. Think they're learning? Or am I just fooling myself?
(Ultimate goal is 2 permanent Roos and 20ish hens...realizing quickly that Roos are the best hawk deterrent short of going nuts covering the whole yard !!)
Birds learning. Roosters need to be > 26 weeks before they start getting antihawk, Even then you want make so hawk operates down at their level with more than one rooster to entertain him. Until then you are taking proper course of action.

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