Waiting for my chicks in Stroudsburg, PA

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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Jim, and I live on the outskirts of Stroudsburg, PA. My father was raised on a big farm in Virginia with chickens, turkeys, pigs and cows, but I grew up in the burbs of NYC. At age 39, I decided to buy a piece of land in the "country" and almost 18 years ago purchsed 16 acres with an old farm house. I often thought of raising some animals, but had all I could do to keep the house and immediate property up since I commuted daily to and from NYC. In 2005, I decided to leave my NYC job (teacher). I started a home business which has steadily grown and took a job as a school bus driver for the insurance. The past few years I kept telling myself I would get some animals, but the days, weeks and months kept slipping by me. This past Fall I decided that this would be the year and settled on chickens since they seemed to be the easiest (haha) to start. My utimate goal is alpacas, but I thought I should try a smaller animal first.

    I started reading on the intenet. That is how I found BYC and a few other good sites. I have a co-worker friend who has chickens and he has been helpful. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on. I am a bundle of enthusiasm, but the weather is still too cold here to begin building my coop. I have decided on the "Shiloh" (http://www.mypetchicken.com/catalog...p-w-Run-Building-Plans-22-chickens-p926.aspx#). I purchased the plans and am already gathering the supplies I will need to build it once the weather turns a little nicer. Yesterday, I ordered 15 female chicks from Meyers Hatchery to arrive the week of April 8th. That will give me time to start the coop, and have the chicks go through the brooding period while I finish the coop. I bought all dual purpose, friendly, breeds that should do well here in North East PA. (3 of each - Barred Rocks, Delawares Black Australorps, New Hampshire Reds and Black Jersey Giants). I'm keeping my eyes open for a suitable container for brooding.

    So, that's where I am right now. As I said I am a bundle of enthusiasm and looking forward to this project. I have a lot to learn, and while the books I have purchased and the internet have a wealth of information, there is nothing like talking to others. That's why I joined this forum. So, you'll start seeing me around here more as questions come up. And, hopefully, as I gain experience I'll be able to contribute, too.

    Nice to be here.
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    Greetings from Kansas, Jim, and [​IMG]! Great to have you with us! Sounds like you are doing everything the right way - research and planning, reading BYC, and then getting your birds. You will love them and BYC will be here should you have any questions along the way. Best of luck to you!!
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    Hello and welcome to BYC [​IMG] Best of luck with your chicken adventure and enjoy!

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    Hello, and [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Welcome to BYC!!!! Glad you joined.
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    [​IMG] from Highland County Ohio and God Bless!!!
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    [​IMG] from Ohio
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    Thanks for the "welcomes". I appreciate it.

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    Hi and :welcome from Ohio. So glad to have you aboard. :thumbsup
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