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Nov 9, 2012
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We have a cat that we found last year as a kitten/adolescent. As we figured she became pregnant this Spring but since she is a "barn cat" I don't know exact dates of any of the "happenings" Near as I can tell she was due April15th. She is huge and I feel bad for her but seems healthy, just sleepy. I am impatiently waiting for kittens as this will be her first & last litter. (we already have homes for some depending on litter size) Any experienced cat people have any tell tale signs that she is going to give birth? Ya know other than seeing kittens :)
Well I guess my cat didn't look on google. She never went off food at all (infact ate quite well this AM) and was sleeping in the recliner ( she isn't supposed to be a house cat) She woke up and I happened to notice her liking herself and there was already an amniotic sac haha. She is now on kitten number 4 in about 1/2 an hour so I'm thinking maybe 6 kitties although the running estimate in the family and with friends is 10 so time will tell.
Ah congrats! What color are they? How many did she have?

I had/have a pregnant cat too (one is pregnant and one has 5 kittens :/ ).
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It was her first litter and she has a grand total of 8 kittens. They are all doing well - no clear runt as of now. There are 2 peachy orange 2 Calico 1 gray tiger stripe 3 orange and white. Sorry I don't know the technical names for the colors. She isn't a house cat but since we are having crazy storms, her & the babies are indoors. I set up a litter box figuring she would get the knack but she is actually house broke she meows at the door to be let out and then about 5 minutes later she comes to be let back in. So I have kitty litter now, I am sure I will find a use for it.

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