Waiting on necropsy, what to do now?

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    Jan 31, 2015

    I've got something going through my flock right now. About a week ago, one of my best hens up and died. I noticed her puffed up and unmoving in the morning, and she was dead by evening. Same thing happened to a pullet yesterday. I dropped her off at the diagnostic lab this morning for a necropsy. Unfortunately, it's friday and I probably won't get results until Monday. Besides those symptoms, a couple of hens have been sneezing.

    What can I do now to try and alleviate the spread among my flock? I know I should wait for the diagnoses before treatment, but is there something I can put in their water or food now so I feel like I'm doing something? Immune booster, electrolytes probiotics, etc. I plan on doing a major clean this weekend, so are there certain disinfectants that are better than others? What are some brands of these things that people feel work really well?

    Thanks so much for anyones input. I've learned a lot reading through here and will continue to do so to find answers.

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    So sorry! Good food and wait for the report. There's no reason to treat when you don't know what the answers are going to be. Waiting is HARD. Mary

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