Waiting out Hurricane Irene (pics)


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
I live on the Easternshore of Maryland, in the projected path for Hurricane Irene. I feel like we have turned out house into a wildlife reserve
I have the two dogs, my eclectus parrot, two groups of baby chicks, my rabbit, and the ducks all in my diningroom. We are just waiting out the storm and hoping for the best. Here are some of the shots of everyone waiting out the storm in my diningroom :
The ducks are very mad with me, they can hear the rain outside and want out now!

Group One Chicks

Group Two Chicks

Rabbit Leela

Group of Ducks
We all made it through the hurricane. Some backyard flooding and a few branches down but everyone is great! Chickens were so glad to get out of coop this morning, very muddy run but otherwise they are soo happy to be out! The ducks still in house, thier pen in under water, though I don't think they would mind
I'm glad you made it through ok. Irene (or what is left of her) is hitting us this morning. My chickens have a mud pond for a run. All except the old girls are soaked. The old girls are smart and stayed inside and won't let the younger ones back in. I may have to go and put the poor girls in the garage for a while. Hopefully this will dry out soon!

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