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    Yesterday we got 3 eggs for the first time. We got 2 hens in the spring and get 2 eggs almost every day of the week. We have pullets that are maturing. I dont know if it was our bantam pullets or our LF pullets who laid the tiny egg yesterday.
    Our EE pullet Pidge is in the nest box now. She came out a little while ago singing. I excitedly waited for her to go in the run to check the nests. No egg. She is back in there again. I was waiting to give everyone grass time when she was done.
    Heres the eggs yesterday
  2. fuzziecreatures

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    It's here!!!
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Shapleigh, Maine
    Some of my Speckled Sussex (LF) have been laying for over a month now. Still very small eggs like your picture to the right. They are wonderful and I just use 2 instead of one. But I too am waiting patiently for the day they are all laying normal sized eggs. It will happen!
  4. fuzziecreatures

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    We have two new layers. DH said he saw one of the bantam pullets hanging out in the nests yesterday. We got the tiny egg after he had checked the nests. Pidge may still be an EE but she might be some other mix with the orangish brown egg. It was still damp when I got it.

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