Waiting to Exhale ~ a short story

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    People seem to like stories around here, and I've had a plot running around in my head for awhile.... So I decided to try my hand at it:

    Waiting to Exhale ~ A Short Story
    By Ada

    It was foggy, and the rain was coming down hard. She could barely make out the outline
    of the trees that lined the road her family was driving on. She leaned forward, trying to see
    out of the front car window. Then everything turned upside-down. A huge splash, lights,
    jolting, a crash. Darkness.

    Alicia DeCostella woke up in a cold sweat. She stared at the room around her, trying to
    remember where she was, and how she got there. Pain. She looked down at her wrist,
    which was bandaged neatly. Then it all came back to her, everything about the accident
    that happened only hours before, calling her Aunt, the ride home, her family still at the hospital.
    Alicia got up and wandered out to the kitchen to get a drink of water. She sat down at the table
    and tried to sort through her thoughts, but could only think of the jumbled moments of and after
    the accident…

    To be continued...
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    Alicia, her brother, and her parents were driving home after attending a friend's birthday
    cook-out. It was storming, the rain was coming down in sheets, and the fog was thick.
    Suddenly, there was a huge splash as they drove over a dip in the road that had filled
    with rainwater. They saw faint headlights coming strait towards them, and their Dad
    swerved to avoid a collision, merely seconds too late.

    Alicia couldn’t remember much of what happened in the time between just after the
    accident and going to the hospital. She remembered them saying something about a
    severe head injury… but who were they talking about? No one would let her see the
    car before they left the accident scene. But as they pulled out to head to the hospital,
    she caught a glimpse of it. The front and left side was completely demolished.
    At the hospital, they told her she had fractured her wrist, and had suffered a minor
    concussion. Other than that, she was fine and could go home. And the rest of her
    family? The doctors would tell her nothing. She was to call the closest family member to
    take her home.
    The rest was a blur. Her Aunt Corrine came to pick her up, and before they left, Corrine
    had a brief conversation with the Doctor. Alicia could only pick up bits and pieces:
    "…be okay?" "We…think he suffered…head..." " What...telling Alicia?" "…no sense…worrying.
    Her concussion…don't tell her."
    Alicia did not bother asking her Aunt about the conversation. She knew she would be told
    nothing. But what was it they weren't telling her about her family? They were her family,
    she had a right to know!
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    If you find any mistakes or have some ideas how I can improve it, please let me know [​IMG]

    More will be coming later today [​IMG]

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    OH! I want more too!


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    A lot more is coming after I eat supper [​IMG]

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