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I found it in the parking lot, not in the WalMart parking lot but to a resturaunt parking lot. Its a happy Birthday card.

Do they have a tracking number on the back of the card to see who purchased it? I didn't see anything on my receipt on any kind of number except amount I want to use.

I do not know how much is in there or if there is anything on it. Scratch off gently with coin gray label is still on the back of card. However the card did looked like it has been used because the brown reader has been scratched as they used the card.

Should I turn it in to the service desk?

Hubby thinks I should use it while I really thought This could have been someone's birthday gift that they lost. If it is truely lost, can not find its owner, I 've got a mind to charge up the card with necessary canned goods and cereal and donate it to our food pantry. I am not hurting for anything but the conscience bothers me "someone's birthday card" and getting into trouble with the law if I used it for donations.
If it were me, I'd ask the service desk if the owner can be tracked. (Also to check to see if there is any money on the card.)

Then if they are unable to track them and there is money on the card, I would tell the restaruant owner that I found something from Walmart there (but not tell him what), and if someone comes asking for it to call me- that I will wait one week.

Then I would rest easy buying things for my family after one week, if I truly tried to return it and no one claimed it.

This is just what I would do.
That would sound good to me! Will do that tomorrow! I just don't feel easy doing that because my conscience will bother me alot if I spend it on donations and not having anyone to check it out.
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Kids take them and mess with them all the time. It has to be activated and I doubt any money on it if you found it on the ground.
You can call the 1-800 number on the back of the card, enter the card's number and PIN number (sometimes have to scratch off the grey stuff) and it will tell you the balance. Alternately any cashier can do a balance inquiry at the register.
There is no way to track who bought the card (unless maybe you're the FBI or something and can connect the card number with a credit/debit card used to purchase it....but if they paid cash there is no way at all) so I would just spend it if there is anything. No hope of finding the owner.

Now if it's a HUGE amount (which I highly doubt) you could turn it in at the place where you found it, someone might come back looking for it.
Exactly what Tala said. There's no way to track the owner. We have to wait for a person to come in that can describe the card and give an approximate amount of money left on said card. Some people are able to have the funds transferred to a new card with the original purchase receipt. This helps us track the history of the card and the current balance remaining on the card. The cash office may need time to look up any remaining numbers missing from the card.

I'd call the number on the back but more than likely there's nothing left on it.
:wootThis is a case of FINDERS KEEPERS! Just go shopping @ Walmart, only don't go crazy, spend what you can afford to pay easily. Then use that gift card as payment. If there's a balance on the card:thumbsup, the cashier will let you know.
I believe those price scanner things they have around the store for unmarked merchandise will tell you if there's a balance. A cashier told me that once. I don't think the cards are traceable. They don't ask for any personal info when you buy one.
I couldn't sleep with myself if I didn't make a good effort to find the owner. Whoever lost it will come back to WalMart to see if it was found. Imagine the relief that it was found and the shock that there are still honest people in the world.

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