Waldo FL Swap at The Ranch at Waldo on Hwy 301 7/24

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    17918 NE Hyway 301 in Waldo Florida - Set up at 7:30 am leave when you want.....

    All are welcome to come and set up - This is a PRIME spot - across the street from the WALDO FLEAMARKET.

    Coming North on 301 - go thru the light at the fleamarket in the left lane, take the NEXT turnaround (or for some of us - Uee) - There will be a Driveway diagonally across the street - a fenced in property that says WATSON REALTY - For sale 4.84 acres. THIS IS IT!!

    Coming South on 301 - As you get close to the flea market - there is a cow field on the right hand side - SLOW down - as you see the sign that says "Waldo City Limits" - the driveway is RIGHT after that on the right hand side.

    Look for the WATSON REALTY sign - For Sale 4.84 acres for sale, and just south of us is the Waldo Self Storage (green lettering on a white sign!!)

    There is wonderful shade from the live oak that has provided us GREAT shelter from the heat and is just to much to pass up!! lol. Any one that would like to join us - this road has litterally over 10000 cars per day pass by it!! Many looking to buy - heading for the flea market. I am advertising this on Craigslist as well. Hope to see you there!!

    Call for more info 352-494-8501


    Post what you are bringing and we'll start a swap list for us BYCers

    The Ranch has:

    Buff Cochin Bantams
    Red Cochin Bantams
    Wheaten Game Hen
    Shamo Chick
    Call Duck Trio
    Pekin Ducks (2 mo old)
    Tiny Wheaten Game Bird (I'm talking Serama size lol)
    EE Pullets
    A couple younger D'uccles and and Roo/Pullet pair
    couple used cages
    Silkie Chicks
    Pr Standard Black Cochins
    White Blacktail Japs
    Mike's Handcrafted Chicken Jewelry!!

    Looking for:

    Russian Orloff Roo
    Speckled Hamburg
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    Can you contact me about our trade? I am out over 4 dozen bantam cochin eggs I mailed over a month ago. Are you intending on ever sending your part? I have tried pm'ing you and emailing you.
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    sorry, Couldn't help myself!

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    How did all go for the Waldo swap? I didn't get a chance to ask when I saw you on Sunday.
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    I stopped by a couple times on Saturday (before and after going to the flea market) but didn't see anyone there. There were some really nice chickens, but no one to sell them to me [​IMG]

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