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Aug 31, 2009
Does anyone have any ideas concerning using a waterer in a small coop,that you mount on a wall which is accessible for Silkies, which are rather small birds. I will be providing a waterer plastic free standing one on the floor/ground of a run. Food will be kept in coop in 2 wall mounted containers that are galvenized. I do not want a metal waterer due to ACV that I use daily in their waterer ,following recomendations previously to use plastic. I need to have water supply in coop for the period of the day that they need or want to hang out in there. The coop will have entrance /exit both sides as I have 2 runs attached to the coop ,so even to pass thru to get to the other side (no pun intended) they can get water or food if need be. I researched online various poultry suppliers as well as a food and grain store and I cannot find anything. I know I read on a blog recently that some people use a waterer with a nipple..not sure if it is what I am looking for..Your input is appreciated.
I like this one on this site for a feeder!!!! And very cheap and easy especially if you buy it at the dip trays at a dollar store or resale shop, yard sale...etc...

Buckets ask for the throw ways at Walmart, they use them for icing buckets, go to any bakery or maybe even a fast food place BUT BLEACH THEM AND CLEAN THEM GOOD.


Build a chicken feeder on the cheep

By Linda Slate

A 2½-gallon bucket and relish tray make a fine chicken feeder for less than $5.
Holes drilled for feed to exit through
Tray taped in place prior to drilling fastening holes
Looking into bottom of bucket— with bucket and tray attached—feed holes over dished out sections of tray

completed feeder with feed loaded

Rob The Never Dry Auto........ from Walmart , can it be attached to coop wall (wood)? I am not sure if this type of waterer will work as coop is small and I cannot keep a hose in there . Also I need to have ACV in the waterer on an ongoing basis.
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