Walmart and Livestock Goods


12 Years
Aug 20, 2007
So I don't know if anyone has noticed or not but Walmart is now selling livestock merchandise.
Our local store has Scratch, Layer Pellets, Hog Feed, Horse feed and cracked corn. Plus they have saddle blankets, ivermectin paste, halters, leads, all kinds of horse/cow stuff, huge rubber feed/water bowls and lots of suppliments.
This kinda bums me out a bit bc the local feed stores now have to contend with WMs prices.
I've noticed the scratch, but refuse to buy it.

We buy from a local feed store, who carries Pennsylvania products. I buy as much as I can from the local farmers.

Ours does carry chick started and currently are sold out!
I can't believe yours has been selling it for so long, our just started about amonth ago.

~~~Yes, its inbetween the Pet and Bird food section.
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ours sells all that also - I get the feed for our flock at TS but in a pinch we had to buy a bag of layer pellets at walmart - but we dont make a habit of buying it - it just looks "cheap".

I get mine Purina (tho myu dogs would never get that stuff-not good enough quality in the dog food dept) and the bags are Atwoods and WM the bags are only 40lbs!
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