Wandering free - getting the last good grass of the season!


7 Years
Sep 26, 2012
Alden, MI (Near Traverse City)
Here's a few of my gang. I don't know if they'd ever been allowed to free range by the previous owners. They're certainly having a fun time of it now! The last bit of green grass is at their mercy!

Those bare trees reveals what is to come. Cold temps and bare ground. Lovely photo.
Yep, OldChick...I'm up in Northern (lower) MI. We had a dusting of snow last weekend. It's just a matter of time. What I can't wait to see it next spring/summer. We have a ton of grasshoppers and crickets (they jump away in waves as you walk across the ground). Should be a riot watching them go after those!
Mine are hilarious when they free range. If you watch them from the house they contently travel the property eating and scratching. But as soon as you go outside they are like magnets, they run over to you as fast as possible hoping you have treats! They have no even figured out which barn we keep the grain in and will forage around that building so that they are good and ready when you come out to give them treats

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