Wanna fly? Glad you can, I think I'm about done

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    Read the story:mad::

    The days of average people flying the "friendly" sky's are nearing an end. The nickel and dime stuff will continue until the price is so high that only the rich and elite business people are able to travel this way.

    We’ve gone to Alaska to spend time with family every couple of years since 2000. It’s frightening the way prices have climbed. I’m a teaching assistant($$ in the high teens), so don’t think this is just on a whim. We save for two years for our tickets and live mostly on the good graces of family while there. In 2001 each ticket was $456 round trip for the 4 of us. In 2003- $550, 2005-$680, and this year prices are looking to be around $900!!!! That‘s nearly 20% of my yearly salary!!! I cannot afford it anymore. Now this crap about paying for baggage?

    All this with the oil and gas is going to have to come to a crossroads somewhere. I loved hearing the oil executives talk today…. I think the billions of dollars has made them loopy. If you truly think about it, there has to be a point where these guys say “I guess I’ve got enough money.”

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