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    I just found out that my mystery bird, Freaky Roo, is a dark brahma, so now that I know brahmas lay well, he gets a permanent roosting spot in the coop. [​IMG] Though, he needs a better name. Throw your best at me! Here's an overview of his temperament: He is sweet as can be, even though he was pretty much raised with no human contact. He is quite the hulk, and when he runs he looks like a penguin! He was a late starter, and when he crows he sounds like a frog with laryngitis which he seems to know (doesn't make much noise). He is good friend with three RIRs, who came with him from the hatchery. They are his little flock, and they all hang out together.
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    Nov 9, 2007
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    You do know he won't lay a single egg in his lifetime, right? [​IMG]

    They are very nice chickens though.

    I suggest you name him Zeus. Brahmas are large birds that need strong names. [​IMG]
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    How 'bout ... [​IMG] ...King George, King, Robert the Bruse ( sp ) ... [​IMG]
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    Quote:HAHAHA!!! That reminds me of something someone asked me about my goat wether, Marshall.

    "Do you milk him?"

    HIM?! [​IMG]

    He might not lay eggs, but we rely on our roosters to pass strong genetics onto their offspring, who become our future layers. Good laying genes are important to us. [​IMG]

    Robert the Bruce... Hehe, I like that! But it's hard to get my tongue around. [​IMG]

    Thanks for your help, guys, but I think I'll call him Buck. It suits him. [​IMG]

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