Want a couple of chicken's for eggs


11 Years
Mar 8, 2008
Eastern Ct.
I was thinking of getting three or four chickens to raise in my backyard and wanted some input
I live in a small neighborhood and my house sits on 3/4 acres. I have plenty of room for a small coop and run. But wanted to know if ther is any oder or other issues that may cause problems with the neighbors. We injoy gardening and I thought this would add to the time we spend in the yard.
Also I was looking at getting 2 red star and 2 black star would these be good?
Chickens and gardens? Last year was our first experience with chcikens and with any sizeable garden as well.

I gotta say, they really love the tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins and watermelons. I think the watermelons were the favorite, but it was hard to tell.

Four chickens may be more manageable than twenty four tho.

I don't see odor causing any problems, but if you end up with a Roo, well, some neighbors become downright un-neighborly when early crowing wakens them.

Good luck and enjoy!
OR.....if it is like MY roo.....morning, noon, night, and everything in-between crowing!!! LOL
(alright, guess I need to edit this to admit, he really doesn't crow at NIGHT LOL)
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I used to keep chickens in a small city yard with close neighbors- we live on a farm now though. Before I got my chickens I asked the people around me if they minded, made sure not to get a rooster, and shared eggs, we had no problems with neighbors. I am not familiar with the breeds you mentioned, but I have had several other breeds and mixes and pretty much all the hens I have had had have been great layers year round with no extra lights or work. I think what is as important as breed is good food and care. I didn't have a vegetable garden, but when they would get into my flower beds (they were not supposed to, but every now and then they would sneak in) they made a huge mess- they love to dig and roll around in the loose soil. You will want to separate chicken-land from garden-land!

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