Want Ad Seeking a Rooster in Rock Hill,SC or surrounding community!


9 Years
Mar 23, 2010
Rock Hill,SC
I put this in the South Carolina room, but its funny so I thought all should share. Enjoy

Originally Posted by gmendoza

Looking for a silkie roo.

Sadly a month ago our silkie roo Sir Bok Bok died. He made a triumphant challenge to an opossum that killed one of our black Cochin bantam hens. Sir Bok Bok got beat up some, and he did recover for a week, but got down to spooky thin levels then died overnight. The afore mentioned opossum got its just deserts by box trap and bb to the middle of its eyes.


I think I am emotionally red-eye to get another roo.


Duties: will perform various rooster duties (guarding, digging, mating, nest cooing, etc.).

Benefits: will be the only roo in this coop. will have 9 wives:
1 white silkie (Flopsey)
3 black silkies ( dropsey, puffy, the mad puffle)
1 pied cochin (cow)
1 grey cochin (grey thing)
2 japanese bantams( blondie & pineapple)
1 golden laced cochin (dolley)

Background test:
must be able to overcome "the mad puffle" ( the hen boss). every roo that has been put in this pen, has been chased out by "the mad puffle!!"
2. must be crowing
3. must be fertile!!
4. must guard

Please submit applications to this forum along with pictures and a profile pic.

We live in Rock Hill,SC

Will pay top dollar!!!

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