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    I have 3 chickens and a rooster. They have been laying eggs for about 5 months now. Usual routine was to pick up all the eggs every day. Now that spring will be coming I'd like to let some of the eggs hatch. I am very new to chickens. How should I do this? How do I determine which eggs are fertilized? Should I just not pick up eggs for about a week and leave them there? How do I know if they are even being sat on? Again I don't know much about my chickens. I know that I have a white, blue/green, and brown egg layer. How long does it normally take for an egg to hatch? BTW - I live in Texas. The temperatures here have been a bit warmer than usual. Mid 60s to 70s are the norm right now. Does that matter? Any suggestions and help are much appreciated!

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    First off you wont know what eggs are fertilized unless you incubate them and eventually candle or you crack it open and look at the white spot on the yolk. Another thing is your hens may never go broody. Some go broody all the time. It depends on breed and the individual bird. Generally a bird goes broody when she is good and ready. The temperature doesn't matter a whole ton but yours are good. It take 21 days on average for an egg to hatch. Smaller eggs take less time, larger eggs take longer. It's basically just a waiting game with broody hens.

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