Want bantam blue egger/americana day-old chicks

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    Jan 11, 2011
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    I've ordered bantam blue silkies (day olds), and want to cross them with a bantam blue araucana/easter egger to get tiny blue girls who lay blue eggs (and who goes broody). The blue silkies will be here in early Feb.

    Do you have any blue easter egger hens who lay eggs? If they are fertilized, and you hatch them, I'll buy 10? 15? Please PM me. Thanks!

    I'm in Colorado, 1 hr SE of Denver. Could pick-up if you're local. Otherwise, we need to ship. Thanks!
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    You may want to try the egg auctions if you have an incubator. Littleameraucanamom has some auctions up, her prices are good, she packs well, and out of 18 bantam lav ameraucanas, I have 15 developing in the incubator right now.
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