Want Feathered Feet Standard chicks - Cochin, etc near Tulsa, OK

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  1. michiele

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    Jun 29, 2011
    Broken Arrow, OK
    I would like some Cochin, Salmon Faverolle, Brahma, or mixes that have feathered feet. Would like chicks that are from day old to around 4 weeks. Need 2 - 4. Prefer to not have all black or all white so any Buff, laced, etc would be great. Close to Tulsa, OK or able to meet close to tulsa, OK. Thanks so much.
  2. xlboergoats

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Arp, Texas
    We don't have Cochins. We raise French Marans. They have sparce feathers down the outside of the shank and onto the outter toes. They lay beautiful dark brown eggs. If you are not familiar with the breed, you might want to check into them. We love the breed. We raise Black Coppers, Blues/Blue Coppers, Splashes, and Cuckoos.

    We can ship day old chicks. We also deliver chickens to Canton, Texas on the Saturday or First Monday Trades Day. That is coming up in two weeks. Let us know if we can help you with your search for chickens.

    Ernie Haire
    Arp, Texas

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