Want free range quality eggs from your pen raised hens?

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    Apr 7, 2012
    A while back I was letting my hens free range, until the head count started dropping. The culprit turned out to be a pair of Golden Eagles. Well they are an endangered species so I couldn't do much about it. My choices were feed the Eagles or pen up my hens. I chose the latter. It wasn't long before I was missing the wonderful flavor & rich dark yellow yolks free ranging gave the eggs. Commercial scratch feeds gave me store bought colored yolks with as weak a flavor too.. I tried using wild bird mix for a while which provided much richer color & flavored yolks, But it had a large percentage of seed that the hens wouldn't eat. I decided that was wasting too much of what i was paying for so I started mixing my own scratch feed based on what the hens were actually eating & the things I wanted them to eat. My hens are now producing very near free range quality eggs, that are high in Omega-3's & low in cholesterol (I feed an all grain based layer feed) Several of my egg customers have said my hens eggs are better that EB's so I'm happy with the results of my new scratch feed. If there is enough folks interested in purchasing my scratch feed I will make it available for $10.00 for 10 lbs + shipping.
    Please reply to this post if interested.
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    I feed my chickens dandelion greens and grass that I hand pick as a supplement to their pellets and I only let them free range with supervision. The greens produce nice yellow yolks. And I get exercise without paying for a gym membership. All that hand picking is not really practical for someone with a large flock I suppose.
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    If you only have a few hens picking greens for them is great. I have 20 adults & 12 chicks so picking for them would be a bit time consuming. Hope you haven't sprayed any herbicides or pesticides on your lawn prior to collecting greens, It may end up in the eggs and meat if you eat them.
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    funny you say that

    i love picking greens and to be honest dont take me long at all

    specially with the help of a sickle

    but thats only for pen hens

    free range is the best option

    unfortunatly im in same boat my hens only freerange when im with them

    soon will be building a run for them

    3 Meters by 2 meters so they should be able to free range a bit better
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    My hens are not free ranged. We live in town, have a small yard and 3 dogs that would love to play with them.
    Squeakytoys!! I give the girls greens from the garden, grass from the yard, kitchen scraps and trimmings. The eggs are yummy and have a dark yellow yolk. Not the orange yolk I could have from turning them loose, but good nonetheless.
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