Want hen to hatch eggs, grown chicks w/ rooster, healthy inbreeding?

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    Apr 23, 2011
    I have a rooster and nine hens. I am wanting five more chickens and thinking about letting a hen hatch them. How do you merger the young chicks with the flock? Is it healthy or ok to let the rooster "get em" when the chicks or older? Will their eggs be ok? Inbreeding? Thanks
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    I let the hen raise the chicks with the flock. Mama takes care of the integration issues. She does not take care of pecking order issues, which can also be a problem, but these are usually less severe than integration issues. There are risks associated with this, but there are also some advantages. I think the more room you have to work with, the better job Mama will do protecting them.

    The rooster mating the hen has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the eggs, relative to eating them. If you hatch those eggs, you have a chance of some inbreeding problems, but if you select the hens you want to keep and hatch eggs from the best hens, those chances of inbreeding problems are not huge. About every three years I introduce a new rooster to keep the genetic diversity up, but for the other two years, I don't worry about it, other than to try to select my best hens to keep as breeders.

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