Want Pictures Of Your WELSUMMER roos and pullets

four hens and two roosters born July 1st of this year.

I got them as chicks from a private breeder who is a conservationist of this breed and three others.
Here's our boy. He was hatched from stock from a breeder in Texas. I'll be using him to cross on some of the Wellie girls hatched from Okiehen's stock.


Edited to add: he's 10 months old now.
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Here are a couple of pics of my Welsummers--they are from eggs purchased from Okiehen. I'm trying to find homes for most of the roos, as I have another younger Wellie roo from another local breeder that I plan on breeding to the Wellie hens next spring. These Welsummers have been wonderful. They're fairly active, curious, not agressive at all, and are a joy to look at. The roos are really handsome. I am hoping to start getting eggs any time now. These Wellies are now 23 weeks old.


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